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Farm Insurance Abbotsford

Have you recently started your own farm and need to purchase an insurance policy for your property? Have you owned your farm for years but are wanting to find a farm insurance policy that will better suit your needs? No matter what type of farm you own, the dedicated team of farm insurance brokers from Mountainview Insurance can help you select the best policy for your unique needs.


As an Abbotsford insurance agency, Mountainview Insurance offers a range of different farm insurance policies. All our insurance products can be tailored to meet the needs of each customer, whether you own a commercial farm or a hobby farm. Our team of professional insurance brokers will even work closely with you to compare different farm insurance policies so that we can find the best fit for you. Get in touch with the expert team of farm insurance brokers from Mountainview Insurance today to get a free farm property insurance quote.

What is farm insurance?

Similar to a standard homeowner's insurance policy, farm insurance is uniquely designed to provide coverage for your home, personal property, liability, and additional living expenses; however, farm insurance also works to provide coverage for financial losses related to the business side of our farm.

Why is farm insurance important?

Since farms come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and no two farms are exactly the same, farm owners can benefit from working closely with their insurance broker to create a highly customized farm insurance policy that is uniquely designed to meet their needs. A reputable insurance provider can help ensure that your farm, investments, and assets are fully covered.

Types of farm insurance

Some of the different types of farm insurance policies that you can choose from include:

Dwelling insurance

Similar to a regular home insurance policy, dwelling insurance is designed to help protect any dwellings on the farm, as well as their contents, from fires, storms, theft, vandalism, and other similar events. Dwelling insurance can also provide coverage for attached structures, such as garages.

Liability insurance

If an employee or visitor is hurt while on your property, liability insurance can help protect you from a lawsuit while also covering the cost of an accidental bodily injury, medical expenses, and property damage.

Other building insurance

Other building insurance is specifically designed to provide protection to the buildings on the farm that are not attached to the house. Some of the structures that can be covered by other building insurance include barns, silos, corrals, and any other building or structure on the farm.

Livestock insurance

Livestock insurance policies work to cover financial losses in the event that some of the farm's livestock drowns, dies due to a lack of electricity, or is accidentally shot. Livestock insurance can be purchased as individual insurance for covering animals separately, as herd insurance for large groups of animals, and as blanket insurance which covers all the animals, equipment, and structures on the farm.

Crop insurance

Crop insurance is available in both crop-hail insurance and multi-peril insurance.

Crop-hail insurance

Crop-hail insurance is specifically designed to help cover the cost of crops that are damaged by hail.

Multi-peril insurance

Multi-peril insurance works to help cover the cost of crops that are damaged due to fire, floods, hail, insects, and other natural disasters.

Since crop insurance can be one of the most confusing types of farm insurance, it is important to talk to an insurance broker before making a purchase.

Farm insurance from Mountainview Insurance

If you looking to compare farm insurance quotes for your BC farm, the dedicated team from Mountainview Insurance can help ensure that you are receiving the best policies for your unique wants and needs. Get in touch with the professional insurance brokers from Mountainview Insurance today to find out more information about our farm insurance products and how we can help you.

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