Should You Buy Travel Health Insurance?

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As borders continue to open and travel restrictions lift, many families and individuals are planning a long-overdue getaway to another country. While these vacations are often fully of great experiences and memories, it is important to ensure that you are adequately prepared and protected for this trip. As part of these preparations, it is highly recommended to look into travel insurance options for yourself and everyone you will be travelling with. To demonstrate why you should by travel health insurance, the team at Mountainview Insurance has compiled a list of individuals that would benefit from medical coverage when in foreign countries.

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Why Should You Buy Travel Health Insurance?

Also known as travel medical insurance, travel health insurance is recommended for anyone who is planning on travelling outside of Canada even if it is only a short 1- or 2-day trip to the United States. Since emergencies and accidents can happen at any moment regardless of where you are in the world. Having the right medical coverage can help protect you from significant medical expenses.

Before travelling outside of Canada, it is important to check your domestic health insurance plan to see if it offers any coverage outside of the country. If it does not, you will need to purchase additional medical insurance for travelling.

Who Should Buy Travel Health Insurance?

Some of the different types of travellers who should purchase travel health insurance before leaving the country include:


These types of travellers tend to explore remote and isolated regions where there is a lack of medical facilities. Extra medical evacuation insurance can provide these travellers with coverage and peace of mind in emergency situations.


Travel medical policies can provide tourists and vacationers with coverage for everything from a sprained ankle to political evacuation. This is true whether you are traveling to a 5-star resort or a underdeveloped country, though policy pricing may change based on this.

Business Travellers

Since business travellers travel frequently, they are more likely to experience an accident or incident at some point. Some travel medical policies can also provide additional travel benefits (trip interruption, lost checked luggage, travel delay, etc.) to further provide peace of mind and value.

Students Studying Abroad

While having international health insurance is not always a requirement for studying abroad, purchasing a travel medical policy is always a good idea for students who are not familiar with the healthcare system of their host country. International student health insurance is specifically designed to help protect students who are studying abroad.

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