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Do You Need Snowmobile Insurance in BC?

As snow begins to fall and settle throughout the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, many individuals are excited to take their snowmobiles out for a ride. In addition to proper safety gear and safe operating techniques, it is important to remember that you do need snowmobile insurance in BC. As leading providers of comprehensive insurance…

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What Does Snowmobile Insurance Cover?

Understanding what snowmobile insurance covers will help ensure that you and your snowmobile are being properly protected. At Mountainview Insurance, we want to help you stay safe on the slopes this winter season. That is why we offer a range of insurance products for off-roading vehicles like snowmobiles. Do you need snowmobile insurance in BC?…

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Snowmobile Insurance: Things to Know Before Hitting the Slopes

Getting to know the different types of snowmobile insurance, as well as knowing what your insurance does and does not cover can go a long way in helping protect not only yourself but everyone else around you. At Mountainview Insurance, we want to help you stay safe when hitting the slopes this winter. That is…

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