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Insurance claims can cover everything from death benefits on life insurance policies to routine health exams at your local doctor. No matter what insurance claim you are looking to make, the team at Mountainview Insurance can help. Here are the top insurance claim tips to help you prepare to get the most out of your insurance claim.

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The Top 5 Insurance Claim Tips

When you and your insurance company are on the same page, missteps and miscommunications are avoided and payments can be made more quickly. Here are 5 tips to help you repair your damage after a disaster, settle your insurance claims, and get back in business in a timely manner.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company Right Away

Most insurance companies require you to make contact within a certain period of time after a loss has occurred; therefore, you should report and notify them of the type of loss that you have suffered right away. Policies may list this information in detail, including whether or not the notification must be in writing. Some of the information that you should include in your claim includes:

  • A police/fire report
  • Whether or not temporary repairs are necessary
  • Description of damaged contents
  • Others involved
  • Any related injuries
  • Location of damage
  • Type of loss or damage
  • Date of loss

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2. Create a Written Request

You can create a written request asking your insurance provider for an advance on a fire damage insurance claim in order to get the living essentials that you need, such as food, clothing, shelter, travel, etc. The amount of the advance will be deducted from the total you receive from your insurance claim.

3. Review Your Policies Coverage

In order to determine how much and what type of coverage you have, what is and is not covered, and to determine how your claim must be filed and by when. Most of this information can be found on the declaration’s page of the policy, usually located at the beginning. If you cannot find the policy, you can contact either your broker or your insurance company to obtain a copy.

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4. Create Documentation

Photographing or recording the damage on video can be a great way to create accurate documentation of the incident. When creating proper documentation, you should also make a list of all the items that were lost or damaged, as well as keeping track of any repair/replacement estimates. Keeping receipts and proper documentation will help speed up the insurance claim process.

5. Special-Case Files

Fires or incidents that cause damage but do not completely destroy a home create special insurance claim issues. These claims are often referred to as “partial loss” because the home has only been partially destroyed. Things to keep an eye out for with partial loss claims include:

  • Hidden damage (water, smoke, ash, mould, air quality, ducts, etc.)
  • Inadequate or improper cleaning and repair methods
  • Delays as partial loss claims can be low priority for overworked insurance adjusters
  • Disputes over matching materials – repairs should return your property to a uniform appearance, even if that means replacing undamaged items (roof tiles, carpeting, etc.)

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