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If you are planning a trip to another country or need to make several business trips throughout the year, it is crucial to ensure that you and your travel companions are sufficiently covered. While many travellers view travel insurance as optional or not worth the cost, it is something that you will be very glad to have if you need it. With so many different types of travel insurance to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which options are suitable for your trip. That is why the travel insurance experts at Mountainview Insurance have put together a list of the most common types to help you determine the best insurance solution for your needs.

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5 Common Types of Travel Insurance

The following types of travel insurance are among the most commonly purchased for all types of trips:

1. Trip Cancellation

If you are booking a trip with several pre-payments or deposits, it is worth purchasing a trip cancellation policy. Trip cancellation coverage provides reimbursement should a non-refundable flight be cancelled, making it especially useful for trips booked well in advance.

2. Trip Interruption

While trip cancellation insurance covers you before you leave, trip interruption insurance provides coverage after you have departed. Should you be forced to fly home earlier than anticipated or book a new flight partway through your trip, this coverage will reimburse you for any lost or additional costs.

3. Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is meant to act as a replacement for your provincial health insurance if you travel outside of the province or country. The type of medical insurance you can purchase varies depending on your insurance company, insurance policy, vacation destination, and age. To determine the best option(s) for your needs, it is best to work with an experienced insurance broker. This is especially true if you have any notable medical conditions.

4. Baggage Insurance

If the airline you are using loses your checked luggage, your entire trip could be ruined. While you could try to replace everything that was in your bag via local businesses and shops, this can quickly add up. Baggage insurance reimburses you for the replacement cost of every item in your checked luggage, ensuring that you do not need to face any out-of-pocket expenses after dealing with the stress of a lost bag.

5. Evacuation Insurance

If you are travelling to a high-risk area, evacuation insurance is strongly recommended. Evacuation insurance plans work to reimburse travellers or provide them with cash payments for urgent and emergency evacuations worldwide. In most cases, covered travellers will often face little to no out-of-pocket costs that would later require reimbursement.

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