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Travel Insurance Abbotsford

Are you planning on crossing the border to spend a weekend away? Are you thinking about travelling overseas for a long, much needed holiday? Whether you are planning a short trip or a long trip outside of Canada, purchasing travel insurance before you leave will help protect you in the event of an accident or mishap.


While most people tend to think that purchasing medical insurance before leaving the country is not necessary, having travel insurance will prevent you from having to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses if you are injured while travelling abroad. The team of professionals from Mountainview Insurance in Abbotsford can help you select the best travel insurance plan for your specific trip. Get in touch with the travel insurance providers from Mountainview Insurance today to get a free quote.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that is designed to address the financial impacts for many common problems that arise when travelling, such as lost luggage or medical expenses due to an injury. Travel insurance policies can be sold for either single trips or for defined time frames with the option to renew indefinitely, depending on your specific needs. Similar to other types of insurance coverage, travel insurance plans will only cover specific events up to a predetermined coverage limit. The coverage limit that you select will determine the policy premiums that are paid for when the policy is first purchased or on renewal dates.

Why is travel insurance important?

Choosing to travel outside of the country without having travel insurance means running the risk of taking on a major expense and inconvenience in the event of a minor accident or sickness. While most people tend to think that they do not need to purchase travel insurance because they will be covered by their credit card, employee group plan, or their government health insurance, this is not the case. These types of insurance policies will only cover a small portion of any medical expenses while you are outside of Canada. Purchasing a travel insurance plan is the only way to ensure that you will be completely covered while travelling abroad.

Types of travel insurance

Some of the different types of travel insurance policies that you can choose from include:

Single trip insurance

Single trip insurance plans can be purchased for discrete trips, portions of trips, or to cover the duration of an entire trip. This type of policy will provide you with coverage from the moment you leave home to the moment you return.

Annual trip insurance

If you enjoy travelling frequently, purchasing annual trip insurance will be the best option for you. Annual trip insurance policies are usually good for one year and can be renewed indefinitely. Most travel insurance providers offer annual plans for single travellers and couples with minor-age children at no additional cost. This type of travel insurance policy also tends to be cheaper than a single trip insurance policy.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance, sometimes referred to as travel health insurance or international health insurance, is specifically designed to provide you with cash payments or to reimburse you for medical treatment and transportation expenses related to a medical emergency outside of Canada.

Evacuation insurance

Evacuation insurance plans work to reimburse travellers or provide them with cash payments for urgent and emergency evacuations worldwide. In most cases, covered travellers will often face little to no out-of-pocket upfront costs that would later require reimbursement.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance for travellers will almost always provide cash payments for accidental death and dismemberment, either to you or your designated beneficiaries. This type of travel insurance plan can also include direct payments or reimbursements for medical evacuation and emergency medical treatment, beneficiary payments for travellers killed in flight accidents, and supplemental term life payments to family members.

Travel Insurance from Mountainview Insurance

The professional team from Mountainview Insurance offers a variety of different travel insurance policies. If you are looking to get a free quote on travel insurance, get in touch with us today. Our friendly team would love to help you select the best coverage options for your specific trip, whether you are travelling overseas or just across the border.

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